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Most crimes are prosecuted by the state, for violating state law. However, one can also violate federal laws and, under these circumstances, the crime would fall under federal jurisdiction. Although some criminal acts are only ever tried as federal crimes, the line is occasionally blurred when an act is considered a crime under both federal and state law.

If you were charged with a federal crime, turn to the experienced criminal defense team at Brehmer Law Corporation for the skilled legal representation you need during this difficult and stressful time. The consequences of a conviction are often severe, so it is vital to have an experienced attorney on your side.

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Which Crimes Are Under Federal Jurisdiction?

Crimes like arson, rape, theft, and robbery are all state law violations and generally fall under state jurisdiction. However, these state violations can fall under federal jurisdiction if, for example, they occurred on federal land. Criminal acts qualify as federal crimes when federal or national interest is at stake. If you counterfeited money, this would be considered a federal offense since printing money is a task performed by the federal government.

Below are crimes that fall under federal jurisdiction:

  • Criminal acts that occur on federal land or involve federal officers.
  • Criminal acts where the perpetrator crossed state lines.
  • Criminal acts that took place across state lines.
  • Customs violations and immigration crimes.

As you can see, state crimes can easily fall under federal jurisdiction depending on the circumstances. It is crucial to keep in mind that, even if a federal crime is similar to a state crime, it will result in harsher penalties simply because it is under federal jurisdiction. Generally, federal penalties are longer and, in addition to lengthier sentences, individuals who are convicted of a federal crime will spend their time in a federal prison rather than a state prison.

Is Looting a Federal Crime?

Any time a federal agent made the arrest, it can be charged as a federal offense. If an agent of the Department of Homeland Security arrested someone for looting, they can be charged with a federal offense.

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Federal charges are serious and require experienced legal guidance to obtain the best possible results. At Brehmer Law Corporation in Bakersfield, our federal criminal defense attorneys understand how difficult and stressful this situation is, which is why our team is committed to providing compassionate and knowledgeable legal representation and guidance. Your future and freedom are at stake, so you should not hesitate to put your trust in a team with a track record of proven success.

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