DUI Defense

Kern County DUI Defense Attorney

A DUI charge in the state of California is a very serious matter. Not only do you suffer the initial humiliation of being arrested, you also face a variety of legal repercussions. If convicted, potential penalties may include jail time, suspended license, fines, insurance increases, and an in-vehicle breathalyzer. A second DUI conviction carries harsher penalties, and if you are facing a second DUI charge, it is highly advised that you seek an experienced attorney. Even within Kern County, those penalties can vary greatly. For example, a conviction downtown will likely carry a penalty of three years probation whereas a conviction in the outlying courts often can carry a penalty of five years probation for the exact same offense with the exact circumstances. At Brehmer Law, the Kern County DUI attorneys are well trained in DUI defense. With years of experience and a successful track record, the firm has developed powerful DUI defense strategies, which can include the use of an independent toxicologist to defend you.

An effective DUI defense begins immediately after your arrest. Having an attorney present at your arraignment is critical, as this is the hearing in which your bail is set. If you hope to be released on your own recognizance, then it is strongly advised to have a DUI defense lawyer representing you at the arraignment.

Reviewing all of the evidence against you is the next step. Proper police procedure, and knowing what questions to ask is a very important part of a DUI defense. Did the officer have probable cause to pull you over? Did you have field sobriety tests administered? How were the tests administered? Were you read your Miranda rights? If any of these police procedures were not done properly, it can open the door to court challenges and the suppression of certain evidence. A skilled DUI defense is a complete process, not just an attorney standing next to you in court. The Bakersfield DUI attorneys at Brehmer Law have vast experience in all aspects of DUI defense and will fight for you.

Contact a Bakersfield DUI Defense Attorney from The Law Offices of Brehmer Law when seeking exceptional legal representation in DUI charges in Bakersfield and other areas of Kern County.