Out of State Driver DUI Charges


Arrested in Bakersfield?

If you are a resident of another state and have been arrested or charged with DUI (driving under the influence) in the state of California, you are going to need the help of an experienced DUI defense attorney. It is crucial that you work with an experienced law firm who understands the laws and agreements certain states have regarding the transfer of information about your driving record.

The likelihood is that if you are convicted, you will not only face legal consequences in the state of California, but in your home state as well. Forty four states are involved in the “International Driver’s License Compact,” which means that the information on DUI charges will be shared between these states. This means that your driver’s license in your home state could be suspended or revoked even though you are charged in California, depending on your state laws. The following states are not part of this pact:

  • Michigan
  • Wisconsin
  • Georgia
  • Tennessee
  • Massachusetts

Call On Our DUI Defense Team

If you are pulled over and charged with DUI in the state of California, but reside in another state, California law enforcement does not have the right to take your driver’s license. Instead, they will issue you a notice that in 30 days, your privilege to drive in the state of California will be suspended. It is crucial that you contact a qualified Bakersfield DUI defense attorney from Brehmer Law immediately after your arrest. Our attorneys are experienced in handling such cases and can even represent you without you being present, which allows you to return home.

When facing any DUI charge, it is extremely important that you are represented by a dedicated and skilled DUI defense lawyer to aggressively defend you. Conviction of a drunk driving charge in California is very serious and potential penalties include possible jail time, stiff fines, license suspensions and tens of thousands of dollars in secondary costs (Insurance, In-Vehicle Alcohol Analysis Systems).

The first step to address in your DUI charge is the DMV hearing. The DMV hearing must be requested within 10 days of your arrest. Our attorneys at Brehmer Law are able to both schedule a hearing and represent you in order to contest the suspension of your driving privileges in the state of California. It is strongly advised that you take advantage of the skill, resources, and experience of the DUI defense attorneys at our firm to ensure your rights are protected.

If you have been arrested and charged with DUI and reside in another state, be sure to contact Brehmer Law. We proudly offer free initial consultations to the criminally accused.