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What Is Considered Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is defined as an incident or pattern of behavior that is violent in nature used by a person against their partner to control and maintain power in their relationship. Domestic violence, also known as domestic abuse, includes actions and behaviors against family members through blood or marriage, members of your household, mothers/fathers of your children, or their extended family, and girlfriends or boyfriends.

The types of behaviors that are considered domestic violence include:

  • Emotional abuse: This includes mocking, intimidating, manipulation, gaslighting, controlling through restrictions, exhibiting extreme jealousy, blaming, stalking, or monitoring phone calls, emails, and other interactions with those outside of the relationship.
  • Physical abuse: Physical abuse includes hitting, shoving, pushing, scratching, biting, threatening violence destroying possessions, hurting or threatening children and pets, strangling, burning, threats or violence with a weapon, and threats or attempts to kill you or your loved ones and pets.
  • Economic or financial abuse: Financial abuse involves sabotaging employment opportunities, inhibiting a partner in getting to work, forbidding a partner to attend work/school, withholding money or giving an “allowance”, hiding assets, or inhibiting access to bank accounts, or intentionally ruining a partner’s credit.

Because the types of domestic violence are all encompassing, it is easy for actions to be misunderstood, especially by family members or friends outside of a relationship. Unfortunately, domestic violence accusations are made every day, even if they may not be based on facts. It is critical that you hire a domestic violence defense attorney immediately if you are facing charges, as your future is on the line in these cases.

Fighting Domestic Violence Charges

A domestic violence conviction will result in penalties that are determined by the nature and severity of the accusations. Depending on if your conviction is of misdemeanor or felony domestic violence, you may be facing jail time from several months up to four years, with fine up to $6,000, and potential additional probation.

With the help of a lawyer from our team, you can fight your domestic violence charges based on the following defense examples:

  • Your accuser lied: This defense will be based on witness accounts, your own account of how things happened, the indication of inconsistency in the accuser’s story, and proving motive for the accusations.
  • You did not do it: Your lawyer will need to prove you were in a different place at the time of alleged abuse, provide an alibi, or seek witnesses that would be able to defend you by proving that the alleged abuse was not as the accuser says.
  • It was an accident: Your attorney will have to prove that whatever injury occurred was an accident, such as discovering that your neighbors saw you playing football with your spouse and the ball hit your spouse in the face, causing an injury, or if you were working on home improvements and accidently hurt your spouse. These examples would be proof that you did not intend to hurt your spouse.
  • Errors in investigation: If you believe that law enforcement made errors in their investigation that could result in a mistrial or that could be considered police misconduct, your lawyer will review all details of the case as well as discuss what will or will not be considered misconduct to use this defense.

There are other defense options that are not included in the above list, such as acting in self-defense, that your reaction was the result of your partner’s behavior, or that the evidence is lacking and therefore cannot prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Regardless of how you choose to fight these charges, you need the help of a skilled, determined and aggressive criminal defense team who will fight for your freedom and rights.

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When you are facing domestic violence charges, it is not just your freedom that is at stake. Your reputation, child custody, family relationships, and friendships may all be affected by a conviction. You need a criminal defense team that is known for their aggressive defense stance and tenacious nature in the courtroom. Our Bakersfield domestic violence defense attorneys at Brehmer Law Corporation offer the criminal defense that you need when fighting such serious accusations. Put your future in our capable hands so you can rest easy knowing you have the best defense possible.

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