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Brehmer Law Corporation has helped our clients win more driver’s license hearings over the past two years than any other attorney in California. Our DMV hearing attorney in Bakersfield has the experience, knowledge, and passion to fight aggressively for you throughout your APS and Stay of Suspension Hearing.

Attorney Jeremy Brehmer has a highly experienced understanding of the DUI process, an impressive background in forensic science, and a drive to protect the rights of every single client who comes through his door. When you choose our firm to defend you against DUI charges, you put science on your side.

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How to Prepare for a DMV Hearing in California

If you have a DMV hearing coming up in California, here are some steps to help you prepare:

Understand the purpose of the hearing: A DMV hearing is held to determine whether your driving privileges will be suspended or revoked. Make sure you understand the reason for the hearing and what evidence will be presented.

Gather evidence: Collect any evidence that supports your case, including witness statements, medical records, and police reports. Make copies of everything and organize them in a folder.

Review the DMV documents: Carefully read all DMV documents related to your case, including the notice of hearing and the DMV's evidence against you. Note any discrepancies or errors.

Practice your testimony: Practice answering potential questions you may be asked during the hearing. Be clear and concise when providing your testimony.

Dress appropriately: Dress in business attire to show respect for the hearing process and to make a good impression.

Arrive early: Arrive at least 30 minutes early to allow time for parking and finding the hearing location.

Bring your documents: Bring all the evidence and documents you have collected to the hearing. You should also bring your driver's license and any other relevant identification.

Stay calm and professional: Remain calm and professional throughout the hearing. Answer questions honestly and directly.

By following these steps, and hiring Brehmer Law Corporation to defend you, you can prepare for your DMV hearing in California and increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

What to Expect at a DMV Hearing

DMV APS and Stay of Suspension hearings generally consist of three major components:

Did The Officer Have Probable Cause To Stop You For A DUI Arrest?

If the officer stopped you, detained you, or arrested you without specific, objective, and articulable reason of criminal offense (i.e. driving behavior or traffic violation), the evidence gathered as a result of the stop may be thrown out. The DMV has the burden of proof to verify the probable cause in the situation.

An exception to this is a DUI roadblock or sobriety checkpoint, at which police officers are not under obligation to prove probable cause. Our attorney is highly perceptive in the technicalities of these cases and is ready to fight aggressively in your defense.

What Are The Procedures Police Officers Follow After A DUI Arrest?

In addition to producing valid probable cause, police officers have specific procedures they must follow when arresting someone for a DUI. Some of these procedures involve sobriety test protocol, paperwork accuracy, and even the way the officers interact with you.

Brehmer Law Corporation has extensive experience finding flaws in DUI procedure protocol to challenge the charges and protect your license from being suspended.

Breathalyzers and Blood Tests

In California, it must be proven that the accused was driving with at least 0.08% blood alcohol concentration to be guilty of a DUI. The two main methods officers use to determine these are breath and blood tests. While these tests are typically fairly accurate, Brehmer Law Corporation has successfully vindicated hundreds of clients because of inaccuracies in the tests.

Thanks to our DMV Hearing Attorney in Bakersfield, Mr. Brehmer’s, unique background in chemical science, he has immense insight into the intricacies of forensic science and how it relates to the law.

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