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If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, you face having your driver’s license suspended. This can come not only from sentencing in the criminal courts, but also as an automatic penalty from the DMV, and the length of the suspension can vary depending on the circumstances of the case. To protect you driving privileges, it is vital to act within the 10 days following your arrest. Gavel in front of books

Brehmer Law Corporation can help guide you through the process of challenging your license suspension and represent you at your hearing. Our Bakersfield DUI lawyer has successfully fought against license suspension for countless clients, standing his ground against the toughest of prosecutions. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony DUI, whether you are a first-time or multiple offender, Mr. Brehmer has the knowledge and experience to craft a solid defense for your case.

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Administrative License Suspension (DMV)

You must contact the Department of Driver Safety within 10 days of your arrest to request an APS Hearing or your license will automatically be suspended. By retaining Brehmer Law Corporation, we can act on your behalf to take care of this step while we review the facts of your case and challenge the suspension. If the Department of Driver Safety is not contacted in time, your license will be suspended for a period that can vary depending on your situation. The following are general guidelines of what you might expect.

DUI, 21 Years Old or Older:

  • First Offense: 4-month suspension
  • Second Offense (within 10 years): 1-year suspension
  • Third Offense (within 10 years): 2-year revocation

Refused to Take a Blood or Breath Test:

  • First Offense: 1-year suspension
  • Second Offense (within 10 years): 2-year revocation
  • Third Offense or more (within 10 years): 3-year revocation

Court-Ordered License Suspension

After the DMV license suspension period concludes, the court-ordered license suspension commences. Similar to the DMV suspension, the sentencing hinges upon specific factors such as blood alcohol levels, number of prior offenses, and other various circumstances. Additional penalties, such as fines, alcohol treatment programs, and even jail time may be ordered in addition to license suspension. Brehmer Law Corporation strives to win our clients reduced sentencing and even acquittal.

Misdemeanor License Suspension

  • First Offense: 30-day (minimum) to 10-month (maximum) license suspension
  • Second Offense: 1-year suspension if enrolled in an alcohol treatment program (minimum) to 2-year revocation (maximum)
  • Third Offense: 3-year revocation

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